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alexbongscore:5.0 / 52020-11-27

Good service, good location, high quality, affordable, five-star hotel price high. check people satisfied, will continue to live, and will continue to consider this hotel.
aaaa710score:5.0 / 52020-11-24

Which is very nice
ariel1258score:3.3 / 52020-11-23

This place, rather, only auto 4S shop nearby, and sellers with supermarkets. I was hungry to find a visit to some things not found! Hey, if it weren't for the meeting not to go here.
lxyno0score:2.0 / 52020-11-21

Too hot, suffocating panic, no air conditioning, auxiliary buildings, looking for a long time did not found,
moumouscore:4.3 / 52020-11-18

Everything was good
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